Wish List

Марка Коллекция Название
1A-EnglandWhispering Waves
2A-England Proserpine
1AnnyTake Me Honey
2AnnyLilac powder
1AvonGel ShineMoondust
2AvonGel ShineFire Cracker
3AvonGel ShineRoses Are Red
4AvonGel ShineSheer Love
5AvonGel ShineIceberg White
6AvonAvon BB 7 in 1Caring Crème
7AvonTrue Perfect RedsCherry Jubilee
8AvonTrue Perfect RedsRoyal Red
9AvonTrue Perfect RedsRed Bombshell
10AvonMark Gel ShineSurebet
11AvonMark Gel ShineBittersweet
12AvonMark Gel ShineSweet Pea
13AvonMark Gel ShineOlive-It
14AvonMark Gel ShineJust Beachy
15AvonMark Gel ShineSummer Fling
16AvonMark Gel ShineSea My Nail
17AvonMark Gel ShineVioletized
18AvonMark Gel ShinePine-Appled
1BowЛето 2017Revolt
2BowЛето 2017Playing With Fire
3BowЛето 2017Corallovo
4BowЛето 2017Flower Bomb
5BowЛето 2017Feeling Good
6BowЛето 2017Yes, Please
7BowOut of SpaceTurn Back Time
8BowOut of SpaceAbandoned
9BowOut of SpaceExplode The World
10BowOut of SpaceDating an Alien
11BowOut of SpaceIn Flames
12BowOut of SpaceUmbra
13BowOut of SpaceAlways Yours
14BowOut of SpaceAshes To Ashes
15BowOut of SpaceVortex
19BowSolar Top Coat
20BowOut of SpaceImpulse
21BowOut of SpaceEager
22BowOut of SpacePandora
23BowConversionThermo Top Coat Blue
24BowConversionThermo Top Coat Green
25BowConversionThermo Top Coat Pink
26BowConversionThermo Top Coat Red
27BowConversionThermo Top Coat Violet
28BowOut of SpaceSwamp
29BowOut of SpaceRings of Saturn
32BowConversionMood Creator
China glaze
1China GlazeRebelBlue-ya!
2China GlazeCheers!Don’t Get Elfed Up
3China GlazeSea GoddessSand Dolla Make You Holla
4China GlazeSea GoddessTeal The Tide Turns
5China GlazeRED-Y & WILLING
7China GlazePoinsettia
Dance Legend
1Dance LegendSky Prism1 — Chasing Moonbows
2Dance LegendSky Prism2 — Mauve to the Horizon
3Dance LegendSky Prism3 — For the Halo of It
4Dance LegendSky Prism4 — Ready, Sunset, Go!
5Dance LegendSky Prism5 — Thinking Out Cloud
6Dance LegendSky Prism6 — Achieve the Zen-ith
7Dance LegendBinary73 Renata
8Dance LegendBinary74 Olesya
9Dance LegendBinary75 Klara
10Dance LegendBinary76 Marta
11Dance LegendThermo Mini11 — White Lies
12Dance LegendBinary71 Zarina
13Dance LegendBinary70 Iskra
14Dance LegendBinary69 Roza
15Dance LegendBinary68 Serafima
16Dance LegendBinary67 Alsu
17Dance Legend Matrix1 — Define «Real»
18Dance Legend Matrix2 — Blue Pill
19Dance Legend Matrix3 — I Know Kung Fu
20Dance Legend Matrix4 — Red Pill 
21Dance Legend Matrix6 — No Spoon
22Dance LegendSparky 27 — Postscriptum
23Dance LegendSparky 28 — Pied Piper
24Dance LegendSparky 29 — Trust No One
25Dance LegendSparky 210 — Syzygy
26Dance LegendSparky 212 — Let It Live
27Dance LegendSmoky 21100 — Sundogs
28Dance LegendSmoky 21102 — West of the Moon
29Dance LegendSmoky 21104 — Nimbostratus
30Dance LegendSmoky 21105 — Peace Pipe
31Dance LegendSmoky 21103 — Kingsfoil
32Dance LegendBroken Glass1 — Red Cow
33Dance LegendBroken Glass2 — Illuminate
34Dance LegendBroken Glass3 — Reign
35Dance LegendBroken Glass5 — Anchors
36Dance LegendBroken Glass6 — Detached
37Dance LegendBroken Glass8 — Broken Glass Top
38Dance LegendBinary65 — Kamila
39Dance LegendBinary66 — Milana
40Dance LegendSpot It!02 White
41Dance LegendSpot It!03 Red
42Dance LegendSpot It!04 Blue
43Dance LegendTop Magic Sun White
44Dance LegendTop Magic Sun Clear
45Dance LegendPedicure01 — Hebe
46Dance LegendPedicure02 — Metis
47Dance LegendPedicure03 — Hemera
48Dance LegendPedicure04 — Artemis
49Dance LegendPedicure08 — Eurydice
50Dance LegendPedicure09 — Electra
51Dance LegendPedicure11 — Demeter
52Dance LegendMagnetic623
53Dance LegendAngel Wings01 — Oracle
54Dance LegendAngel Wings02 — Over Cloud
55Dance LegendAngel Wings03 — Higher
56Dance LegendAngel Wings04 — Tutelar
57Dance LegendBinary49 — Oksana
58Dance LegendBinary50 — Kira
59Dance LegendBinary51 — Arina
60Dance LegendBinary52 — Diana
61Dance LegendBinary53 — Tamara
62Dance LegendBinary54 — Varvara
63Dance LegendModesty03 — Hide My Pride
64Dance LegendModesty04 — Office Look
65Dance LegendModesty05 — Parity
66Dance LegendMilitary01 — Call Of Duty
67Dance LegendMilitary03 — Battlefield
68Dance LegendMilitary06 — Obey The Brave
69Dance LegendMilitary09 — Victory Day
70Dance LegendGolden Eye01 — Licence To Kill
71Dance LegendGolden Eye02 — Thunderball
72Dance LegendBinary44 — Valentina
73Dance LegendBinary47 — Karina
74Dance LegendBinary48 — Alena
75Dance LegendMystery2 — Chimera
76Dance LegendMystery4 — Fushigi
77Dance LegendMystery5 — Jersey Devil
78Dance LegendMystery11 — Supernatural
79Dance LegendMalta 2№ 94
80Dance LegendMalta 2№ 98
81Dance Legend«Бархат Mini»1
82Dance Legend«Бархат Mini»3
83Dance Legend«Бархат Mini»5
84Dance Legend«Бархат Mini»6
85Dance Legend«Бархат Mini»7
86Dance Legend«Бархат Mini»8
87Dance LegendGlitter Base ColorRed Glitter Base
88Dance LegendGlitter Base ColorPink Glitter Base
89Dance LegendGlitter Base ColorNude Glitter Base
90Dance LegendGlitter Base ColorLight Blue Glitter Base
91Dance LegendBinary31 — Polina
92Dance LegendEden1 — Creation of Man
93Dance LegendEden2 — Tree of Life
94Dance LegendEden5 — Original Sin
95Dance LegendEden8 — Pleasure
96Dance LegendEden9 — Adam
97Dance LegendEden10 — Serpent Tempter
98Dance LegendБархат№ 651
99Dance LegendБархат№ 653
100Dance LegendБархат№ 657
101Dance LegendБархат№ 658
102Dance LegendBinary26 — Eugenia
103Dance LegendCity Lights1082 — Fireworks
104Dance LegendCity Lights1083 — Sleepwalk
105Dance LegendBinary13 — Nadezhda
106Dance LegendBinary18 — Sonya
107Dance LegendLas Vegas1061 — Ceasars Palace
108Dance LegendLas Vegas1062 — Stratosphere
109Dance LegendLas Vegas1063 — Venetian
110Dance LegendLas Vegas1067 — Palazzo
111Dance LegendLas Vegas1068 — Flamingo
112Dance LegendLas Vegas1070 — MGM
113Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect 2№ 1035
114Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect 2№ 1036
115Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect 2№ 1037
116Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect 2№ 1040
117Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect 2№ 1043
118Dance LegendЭмаль Glass№ 1052
119Dance LegendЭмаль Glass№ 1060
120Dance LegendBinary02 — Anna
121Dance LegendBinary03 — Olga
122Dance LegendSteel860 — Saber
123Dance LegendSteel864 — Blade
124Dance LegendSteel865 — Tanto
125Dance LegendFresh№ 72
126Dance LegendFresh№ 76
127Dance LegendFresh№ 77
128Dance LegendFresh№ 79
129Dance LegendПрованс8 — Viola
130Dance LegendПрованс13 — Lilac
131Dance LegendHoloDays848 — Blanco
132Dance LegendHoloDays853 — Neptune
133Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 888
134Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 889
135Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 892
136Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 895
137Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 896
138Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 898
139Dance LegendЭмаль Gel-Effect№ 897
140Dance LegendWow Prism Spring33 — Last Serenade
141Dance LegendGalaxy842 Pulsar
142Dance LegendGalaxy844 Comet Tail
143Dance LegendСияющее Золото№ 937
144Dance LegendСияющее Золото№ 939
145Dance LegendСияющее Золото№ 940
146Dance LegendСияющее Золото№ 942
147Dance LegendСияющее Серебро№ 909
148Dance LegendСияющее Серебро№ 910
149Dance LegendСияющее Серебро№ 912
150Dance Legend«Top для тёмных лаков»№ 600
151Dance Legend«Top для тёмных лаков»№ 601
152Dance Legend«Top для тёмных лаков»№ 603
153Dance Legend«Top для тёмных лаков»№ 604
154Dance Legend«Top для тёмных лаков»№ 607
155Dance Legend«Top для тёмных лаков»№ 608
156Dance LegendWow Prism25 — Behind The Scenes
157Dance LegendWow Prism27 — Poison
158Dance LegendMist Way01 — Daydream
159Dance LegendMist Way07 — Divine 
160Dance LegendMist Way10 — Sadness 
161Dance LegendMist Way11 — Blame 
162Dance LegendMist Way12 — Nude is Good
163Dance LegendCandy Flakes612 — Tinsel
164Dance LegendChameleon092 — Roz
165Dance LegendChameleon093 — Celia
166Dance LegendChameleon095 — Wazowski
167Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 2
168Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 5
169Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 7
170Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 8
171Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 11
172Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 12
173Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 17
174Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 20
175Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 55
176Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 60
177Dance LegendСияющая Радуга№ 67
178Dance LegendSun Shine № 193
179Dance LegendSun Shine № 195
180Dance LegendTermo Shine№ 180
181Dance LegendTouch Me01 — Аngel’s Touch
182Dance LegendTouch Me02 — Tenderness
183Dance LegendTouch Me03 — Broken Heart
184Dance LegendTouch Me04 — God Damn It
185Dance LegendTouch Me07 — Hug Me
186Dance Legend24К Gold Leaf
187Dance Legend925 Silver Leaf
188Dance LegendTermo№ 174
189Dance LegendTermo№ 176
190Dance LegendNew Prism№ 5 — Spectrum
191Dance LegendNew Prism№ 11 — High Voltage
192Dance LegendGlory Star. Зима 2012/13№ 8
193Dance LegendRich Black№ 922 Polar Night
194Dance LegendRich Black№ 916 Undersea
195Dance LegendRich Black№ 915 Burgundian Sky
196Dance Legend Red Show03 
197Dance LegendКонфетти534
198Dance LegendКонфетти536
199Dance LegendVintage970
200Dance LegendVintage972
201Dance LegendVintage985 
202Dance LegendКомильфо560
203Dance LegendКомильфо576
204Dance LegendКомильфо 579
205Dance LegendКомильфо581
206Dance LegendКомильфо 582
207Dance LegendКомильфо583 
208Dance LegendКомильфо584
1Essie  Vanity fairest
Morgan Taylor
1Morgan TaylorChromeUltramarine Applique
2Morgan TaylorCinderellaParty At The Palace
3Morgan TaylorCinderellaWatch Your Step, Sister!
4Morgan taylor Take Me To Your Tribe
5Morgan taylor  Going Native
6Morgan Taylor Don’t Worry, Be Brilliant
7Morgan Taylor   A Touch of Sass
1OPIIn a Holidaze 
2OPIEvery Month Is Oktoberfest
3OPIPink Yet Lavender
4OPI Red Hot Rio 
35StepГель-лак без лампы»1
36StepГель-лак без лампы»2
37StepГель-лак без лампы»3
38StepГель-лак без лампы»4
39StepГель-лак без лампы»5
40StepГель-лак без лампы»6
41StepГель-лак без лампы»7
42StepГель-лак без лампы»8
43StepГель-лак без лампы»9
44StepГель-лак без лампы»10
1Zuu…etcLimited EditionФобос
2Zuu…etcLimited EditionWitch
3Zuu…etcLimited EditionLilac
4Zuu…etcLimited EditionMagician
5Zuu…etcLimited EditionDevilry
6Zuu…etcLimited EditionGoddess
7Zuu…etcLimited EditionDove
8Zuu…etcLimited EditionUniverse
9Zuu…etcLimited EditionБаюн
10Zuu…etcLimited EditionДеймос
11Zuu…etcLimited EditionNight Tropics

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